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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Resources

Support the Mission

The Resilient Purpose has a mission to reducing mental health and Substance use disorder stigma, therefore focusing on sharing resources to help the greater community learn about both the roots of mental health and substance use disorder struggles, and how to effectively support those struggling through compassion and understanding. Please see our resources to further your knowledge. Thank you for supporting our mission.  

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Further Your Knowledge

This page has a list of books and websites that we believe will support any efforts to further your knowledge in understanding mental health and substance use. These resources have guided our work and efforts to provide better treatment and content to our community and beyond.  We believe these resources will be a valuable resource for you. as well This page is a work in progress and we will continue to update as new resources become available. 


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Our earliest experiences shape our 

lives far down the road, and What

Happened to You?


The Neurosequential Model is a 

developmentally sensitive,

neurobiology-informed approach

to clinical problem solving

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Psychology of bullying and the 

cultural climate that-seemingly

now more than ever -gives rise to

such cruelty and aggression.


The Life Space Crisis Intervention 

Institute trains professionals and

parents to turn problem situations

into learning opportunities and

build trusting relationships with

children and youth.

We provide a comprehensive list of 

online resources for groups and

organizations to help support

individuals with opioid addiction in

Monroe, Morgan, Noble, and

Washington, Ohio counties.

Marietta, OH Location
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Aimed to connect you with

resources promoting stability,

independence, and help powering

through information while reducing

stigma surrounding accessing


Activity Book
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The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity 

Book for Kids & Tweens is designed

to be both useful and fun.

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Why is it so hard to change 

problem behavior-in our kids, our

colleagues, and even ourselves?


Kids with challenging behavior are 

tragically misunderstood. It's time

for a more compassionate and

effective approach.


Learn to restore, build or enhance the movement of your patients, clients, or athletes.

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