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How to be on the show.

We have a podcast that is dedicated to discussions on mental health, addiction, & people's resiliency! We record up to 1 hour segments based around different mental health & substance abuse topics. Our goal is to end stigma by having healthy & real conversations to educate people based on experience & education!

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We are looking for people who have had lived experience and/or have education in mental health & substance use issues. We want to give a platform for people to speak on sensitive issues to help educate & to end stigma so people can be encouraged to find help.


Sign up using our form below and fill out the questions to the best of your ability. This is to help us figure out what topics and/or discussions we could have on the show.


You will receive an email back as soon as we have time to review your entry and to let you know if we have an available spot for filming. 

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