Our Team.

Welcome to our Team page! Thanks for taking the time to let us introduce you to our team and to talk about what makes it special, We're lifelong learners and open‑minded collaborators who are ready to move mountains for our dedicated listeners to help them live their lives to the fullest potential.

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What all do you guys provide?

We are a start up brand that is dedicated to creating media & merchandise to help give awareness to mental health & substance use recovery! We provide a subscription platform (Resilient Purpose Plus), training, a podcast, merchandise & a social media presence. 

What is your podcast about?

Our podcast is hosted by Douglas Pfeifer who has conversations with people around the globe on everything mental health and substance use,  As well as personal testimonies to help raise awareness & normalize these topics!

Want to be on a podcast?

We have a process to be on the podcast & you can start that by clicking this link

Is there a community page for interacting with subscribers?

Yes! We have a Facebook group called "The Resilient Purpose Podcast". You can also find us on YouTube where you can watch videos & comment. 

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" One of the things that changes the brain is facing challenges like stressing and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone"

- Douglas Pfeifer

Want to talk about how we can work together?

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Kaylee Weihl

Marketing and Development Specialist


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