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Training & Consultation

The Resilient Purpose has a wealth of experience in Mental health and Substance use treatment. We have available training and consultation for a variety of clinical issues related to Mental health and Substance use recovery treatment. The Resilient Purpose can provide specific trauma informed, evidence based approaches as well as training designed to fit your specific needs. Please contact our Marketing and Development Specialist for opportunities for training and consultation with the information provided at the bottom of this page.

  • Children of Trauma and Resilience

  • Structured Sensory Interventions

  • Trauma Informed and Resilient Schools

  • Resetting for Resilience

  • Healing Trauma and Restoring Resilience in Schools

Neurosequential Model (NM)

The Neurosequential Model is a developmentally sensitive, neurobiologically informed approach to clinical problem solving. Grounded in the work of Dr. Bruce D. Perry, NM is not a specific technique or intervention but an approach that integrates core concepts of neurodevelopment and traumatology to inform the work we do with children and families. This model provides training/consultation, neurodevelopment assessment and recommendations based on the assessment.  

Life Space Crisis Intervention

  • LSCI is a brain-based, trauma-informed, relationship-building verbal strategy that turns crisis situations into learning opportunities for young people who exhibit challenging behaviors.

  • Applicable to all settings including school, parenting, workplace and clinical settings

Marietta, Ohio

"The CPS training with Doug was very informative. I’ve been working in the criminal justice field for 10 years and this training opened the door to a refreshing way of looking at my case load from a different angle. The concept that people will do well if they can has stuck with me and renewed my motivation to get to the root of challenging behaviors and work with my clients in a different, more empathetic way. I would recommend this training to anyone working with people who are struggling in any way. Although CPS is designed for children, it has been easy to modify the approach to apply with adults as well. The materiel is well organized and was very well presented."

Leah Gregory

" One of the things that changes the brain is facing challenges like stressing and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone"

- Douglas Pfeifer

Want to talk about how we can work together?

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Kaylee Weihl

Marketing and Development Specialist


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